Feral Hogs Are Destructive and Delicious…And A Dream Come True

By Russ Lumpkin via Sporting Classics Daily The tracks of whitetails, turkeys, and feral pigs crisscrossed and piled on each other, captured in the temporary cement of red clay that had not received rain in weeks. Mike and I had hunted turkeys that morning but entered the swamp road toting slug guns and looking for swine. A small pine stood to the left of the road, and a portion of the tree’s bark had been eroded away. The invasive beasts used it as a scratching post . . . The road had been built through a cypress–tupelo swamp adjacent to…
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Precision Rifle Blogs Muzzle Brake Testing

I, for one, enjoy Precision Rifle Blog’s truly data-driven approach to everything they do. Their latest drive into the data is an epic breakdown of .30 cal muzzle brakes, rating them by 4 major criteria: Recoil reduction Ability to Stay On Target (Muzzle Deflection) Sound Ground Signature & Muzzle Blast Across four rifles, the details […] Read More … The post Precision Rifle Blogs Muzzle Brake Testing appeared first on The Firearm Blog.

Down the Sights of Historical Firearms

War History Online has posted an incredible set of of photographs of old rifles and their sight pictures. The gallery includes classics like the Thompson SMG and BAR with a few notable firearms including the British Lancaster and even the M2 Carbine with a paratrooper wire stock. Click the photo to be taken to the […] Read More … The post Down the Sights of Historical Firearms appeared first on The Firearm Blog.

World’s Longest NERF Gun [VIDEO]

When the anti-gunners’ arguments fail, they frequently go all ad hominem. Gun rights advocates, they claim, are compensating for their small penis size. Without getting into details about my own wedding tackle, I know a couple of firearms enthusiasts who are hung like a horse. Equally, as I’ve said here before, it’s a man’s testicle size that determines his character, not the length of his penis. I won’t trouble you with my own cubic centimeter count. And I haven’t taken calipers to any of my gun-toting friends’ testicles. Suffice it to say . . . it’s not the pro-gun side that’s obsessed with…
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Mounted Holster System

Dara Holsters and Gear is now selling a holster mounting system that combines the company’s Kydex holsters with gear from RAM Mounts. These mounting systems allow a user to attach a holster to the underside of a desk, inside a vehicle or even on the handlebars of an ATV. Dara Holsters and Gear will offer […] Read More … The post Mounted Holster System appeared first on The Firearm Blog.

POTD: The Classic Beretta Jetfire

Clayton writes … I’d like to share with you a beautiful pocket pistol I acquired recently. It’s a Beretta 950BS chambered in .25 ACP, commonly referred to as a “Jetfire” to distinguish it from its .22 Short chambered relative known as the “Minx.” I purchased this from a former LEO and, judging from the amount […] Read More … The post POTD: The Classic Beretta Jetfire appeared first on The Firearm Blog.

MythBusters Breaking Bad Machine Gun Finale [VIDEO]

No, it’s not the finale of MythBusters – although that’s bound to be heading our way what with Adam and Jamie set to star in a spy series. SPOILER ALERT It’s the machine gun-flavored finale of Breaking Bad, where Walter takes out all his enemies with an autonomous machine gun. Suffice it to say, yeah science! The post MythBusters Breaking Bad Machine Gun Finale [VIDEO] appeared first on The Truth About Guns.

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