Weekend Photo: Too Much 50 Cal Fun

David sent us a photo of his semi-automatic Dragon M-50 made by Ed Haywood of Central Wisconsin Armory (CWA). He has it mounted on a M62 mount that he restored and painted tan. The Dragon M-50 is based on the M3 design, which is an aircraft variant of the M2 Browning. The Dragon features a lightweight […] Read More … The post Weekend Photo: Too Much 50 Cal Fun appeared first on The Firearm Blog.

Weekend Photo: WWII Beretta M1934

Jacob sent us a photo of his Beretta dating back to the last months of WWII. He writes … I saw your POTD of the Beretta Model 20 and I thought I might share a photo of my Beretta M1934, an ancestor of the Model 20. Mine is from 1944, and has German acceptance marks. […] Read More … The post Weekend Photo: WWII Beretta M1934 appeared first on The Firearm Blog.

Oregon Universal Background Check Bill Hearing Schedule for April Fools Day

Well, Oregonians, are you ready to lose your ability to privately transfer guns? A senate bill under consideration would require you to appear before a gun dealer and go through a background check. How fun would that be? It probably won’t be cheap and it certainly won’t be private. Here’s an email blast we received from the Oregon Firearms Federation: Just in time for April Fools Day, SB 941, the gun owner registration bill, is scheduled for a hearing on April 1 at 8AM in Hearing Room 50 before the Senate Judiciary Committee. We told you they were going to race this through…
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New Study: How Much Do Finger Placement & Ready Position Matter?

Republished from a Force Science Institute email blast: In terms of reacting fast to a sudden deadly threat, does it matter how you carry an unholstered or unslung weapon or where you rest your trigger finger before making the decision to shoot? In other words, does any one of the various ready positions commonly taught in police firearms training really give you a significant edge in response time? A two-part study by the Force Science Institute reported in the current issue of the peer-reviewed journal Law Enforcement Executive Forum provide some answers that may surprise you if you’re a strong advocate for particular positioning ….
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The Five Best AR-15 Rifle Slings

By Norman Gray POMA Member Arizona (Ammoland.com) –  The humble rifle sling is one of the most valued, yet strangely enough, under used part of a rifle. Anyone who has ever served their country or just hunted this great land knows the value of a rifle sling. It is used in the act of shooting, transporting your rifle from place to place and allows you to use both hands while keeping your rifle close or transitioning to a handgun. In the worst of times it has served as a tourniquet and saved lives. But most of the time I find it’s left behind…
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Iowa State Anti-Gun Op Ed Writer’s Never Fired A Gun

Sorry I had to do the spoiler thing in the headline, but it puts the lead to Iowa State volleyball player Madison Ward’s editorial –  New Iowa firearm laws miss the mark – into its proper perspective. Here’s the wind-up: “I very much wish I could see the world as I did when I was a child or that world was the reality. When people were just people, not threats, and the only weapons I knew of were the Nerf kind that would irritate, not harm. Although leaving the mindset of a perfectly peaceful world was a gradual one, it was…
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