How Bloomberg Fudged the Numbers to Claim Gun Control Reduced CT Firearms Fatalities

Our man Leghorn did an excellent job fisking the gun control movement’s claim that “tight” gun control laws led to a reduction in firearms-related homicides. The National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Legislative and Policy Research Director Elizabeth Karasmeighan had a bash at Bloomberg’s anti-ballistic bile, too ant it’s worth a second look . . . A recent study  published in the American Journal of Public Health makes the spurious claim that Connecticut’s 10-year old handgun permit-to-purchase law kept the state’s firearms homicide rates (FHRs) lower than it otherwise would have been. To get to this unfounded conclusion, the authors, all from the anti-gun Bloomberg…
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BREAKING: Leland Yee (D-CA) Pleads Guilty to Gun Running Charges

We reported on California state senator Leland Yee’s antics many times over the years. The former senator was one of the first to propose sweeping restrictions on 3D printers, lest one of the unwashed masses of California use one to print a firearm in that gun-free paradise. In the ultimate ironic twist, it turns out that Leland Yee was involved in an illegal plot to start running firearms into the state of California — illegally providing the very firearms he was publicly decrying. Specifically machine guns. Actual machine guns. And rocket launchers. One could make the connection that Yee’s political…
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Lancer Adaptive Magwell Now Shipping

Lancer announced that its new Adaptive Magwell is now shipping. The unit is a simple magazine funnel that can be added to virtually any mil-spec AR-style lower without tools or permanent modification to the gun. See this video on how to install the piece: The unit is machined from 6061 T6 aluminum, and the MSRP […] Read More … The post Lancer Adaptive Magwell Now Shipping appeared first on The Firearm Blog.

POTD: EDC with DIY’d Glock, Rogers Holster & Smartwatch (with Fallout Theme)

Cory sent us a great photo of his EDC gear. He wrote … Nothing beats the short grip height of a Glock 26/27 for EDC, but the G26/27 doesn’t have an accessory rail for a light. Pull out the hacksaw and woodburner and DIY! This is my G23 with TLR-3, Rogers Custom Kidex IWB, Samsung […] Read More … The post POTD: EDC with DIY’d Glock, Rogers Holster & Smartwatch (with Fallout Theme) appeared first on The Firearm Blog.

NJ Gov. and Presidential Hopeful Chris Christie Uses Executive Actions to Shore-Up Support with Pro-Gun Voters

Garden State Governor Chris Christie issued the following press release concerning self-defense and gun rights. [Click here for copies of Executive Order 180. Click here for the new Attorney General regulation.] Acting on his commitment to ensure a fair application of the state’s gun laws that respects individual rights to possess firearms and that also protects public safety, Governor Christie today took action to make commonsense changes to New Jersey’s gun regulations that ensure victims of domestic violence or violent crime, or those living under a direct or material threat, have their firearms applications processed quickly and without delay. The Governor announced that the…
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Waco Judge Bans Release of Biker Shooting Video, Gags Case Against Cops

We’ve been reporting on the Waco biker shooting since the Twin Peaks incident first hit the ‘net. The first clue that the authorities were covering up the police shootings: the cops arrested 100 people at the scene. Then the judge set bail at an absurd, unconstitutional $1 million each. Then the Justice of the Peace released the autopsy results on the nine people killed in the shoot-out/massacre – without specifying which victims were killed by police (easy enough as the cops were firing 5.56 ammo from rifles). And now that cases are heading to court, there’s more evidence that there’s…
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CTA Target Shooting Kit – Core Kit

UTM has a stripped down kit, called the Core Kit, which is just the bolt carrier group, magazine and 50 rounds of ammo for $294.  Basically it just doesn’t have the targets, traps and cleaning kit. UTM RBT Target Conversions are designed for utmost safety, in-service reliability and maintainability. The UTM RBT AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group […] Read More … The post CTA Target Shooting Kit – Core Kit appeared first on The Firearm Blog.

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