Quote of the Day: Take Your Best Shot Edition

“I AM HUNTER! For that I make no excuses, no apologies, I back down to no one, and I hide from it not! I’m armed at all times, and I’m ready – either step up or shut up!! My money, my time and my efforts go to Lion hunting/conservation, for that I am proud!” – Sabrina Gorgatelli in American huntress sparks fury by posting selfie with dead giraffe in South Africa [at telegraph.co.uk] The post Quote of the Day: Take Your Best Shot Edition appeared first on The Truth About Guns.

Are All States’ Permits Valid in Minnesota?

In May of 2015, Minnesota enacted an omnibus firearm reform law that went into effect August 1. One of the reforms was a change in the wording for Minnesota to recognize permits from other states. The previous language required that other states’ laws be “substantially similar” to Minnesota’s permit law. The Commissioner of the Department of Public Safety is required to publish a list, and if the state that a person has a permit for is not on the list, then the permit is considered valid . . . Here is the old law, that’s no longer in effect . ….
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TTAG Contest: Finish This Sentence for a Free CMC AR-15/10 Trigger

Bernie Sanders finds his #BlackLivesMatter message washingtonpost.com reports. Here’s the money shot: “When I mention a few names, like Sandra Bland or Michael Brown or Rekia Boyd or Eric Garner or Walter Scott or Freddie Gray or Tamir Rice or recently Samuel DuBose, you know and I know that unarmed African Americans have been shot and killed by police forces in a way that never would have happened if they were . . .” Complete the sentence without using the word “white” (Bernie’s choice). TTAG commentator Jeremy (not S) is the winner of the previous TTAG sentence completion contest. This…
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An Anti-Gun Meme is Born: “Sheepdog Fife”

Tex300BLK called it in our article Washington Post: “Watch what happens when regular people try to use handguns in self-defense.” “This is the straw man we have been made into,” Tex300BLK wrote. “The bumbling incompetent ‘civilian’ who went into Walmart, bought a GLOCK and a box of bullets and got a CHL without ever firing a shot from it . . . This is the new meme that the media will now go full court press on.” Just a day later, nashvillescene.com published a piece called Why Would You Want to Bring Your Gun to a Concert? A post that launches the term “Sheepdog Fife”…
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Texas Vets! Warm-Up for the Texas Firearms Festival with the Veterans Shoot on August 29th

(sponsored content) Sunday, November 15th is Veterans Appreciation Day at the Texas Firearms Festival [click here for tickets] at Best of the West Shooting Sports in Liberty Hill Texas (just NW of Austin). All prior and active U.S. military members receive a $5 discount on standard shooting tickets. (Veterans: send an email with any form of military ID to registration@texasgunfest.com.) For every Sunday standard shooting ticket sold, the Festival’s also donating five dollars to Veteran Outdoors, a charity that takes veterans hunting or fishing to help them assimilate back into society. But BEFORE that totally awesome day . . . we’re sponsoring the Texas Veterans Shoot,…
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Huffington Post’s Tim Mullen: Cops Should Stay at the Station and Wait for a Call

Over at huffingtonpost.com, Tim Mullen has a radical idea on how to prevent dubious officer-involved shootings and civil rights abuses: confine cops to their station until they’re needed. You know; like firemen. No really. “If they were, Walter Scott, Freddie Gray, and Sandra Bland would be alive today. All three encountered police doing what would be considered outlandish for any other institution charged with public safety: roaming the streets, looking for trouble” . . . No one had called 911 asking for protection from Scott, Gray or Bland. No judges had issued warrants for their arrests. All three were, at least…
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Senator Ted Cruz Makes Bacon with a Machine Gun. Or Does He?

Hillary Clinton has dropped some TV spots promoting her candidacy for President of the United States. Hillary Clinton Tells Her Late Mother’s Heartbreaking Story in First TV Campaign Ads people.com pronounces. What’s that 80’s expression? Gag me with a spoon. Meanwhile, Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz has released the above video Making Machine Gun Bacon with Ted Cruz. Nice contrast, ballsy move, coulda used a hat tip to FPSRussia, but . . . the ace debater never goes full auto. As you expect, the comments underneath the video range from harsh to whatever’s exponentially greater than harsh. “You’re a FUCKING IDIOT,…
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